Welcome to Proud Heroes´ American Bulldogs.

We are dedicated to this wounderful breed since 1996.
We are a small kennel with high standards in the west of Germany.

All our dogs are health checked (hips, elbows, spondyloses, OCD, heart, NCL),
titled and true working American Bulldogs!!!
Most imported to us is a SOLID, STABLE temperament!!!

Over the years we have produced a couple of CH and working titled dogs
(year of birth in front)

1998-> CH EABC Proud Heroes´ Defender BH, BST, Koerung
2000-> CH NKC, ABNA Proud Heroes´ Eye in the Sky BH, Koerung, WP2, IDWP1, MH
2001-> CH EABC Crazy Bulls Bandit
2003-> Crazy Bulls Beauregard, WP3, IDWP5
2003-> CH ABNA, NKC Proud Heroes´ Fang, WP 3, TT
2005-> Proud Heroes Hungry Sally, BH, AD
2005-> Proud Heroes Honky Tonk Women WP1
2005-> CH ABNA, ABRA, NKC Proud Heroes´ It´s only Rockn Roll WP3, Star 6, CSAU, MH
2005-> CH ABNA Proud Heroes´ Icing Sugar WP3, MH
2005-> CH NKC, CH Jr. ABRA Proud Heroes´ Jewel, WP3, W3
2005-> Proud Heroes´ Jade WP3
2006-> Crazy Bulls Da Vinci, BH, WP2, UPF WP4, MH
2006-> Crazy Bulls Domino WP3
2006-> Crazy Bulls Dodger, BH
2007-> CH ABNA CH NKC Proud Heroes Kashmir, WP3 W3, TT, CSAU
2008-> NKC Jr. CH Proud Heroes´ Like a Rolling Stone
2008-> NKC CH Proud Heroes´ Lets get Rock
2008-> Proud Heroes´ Light my Fire, BH
2008->Proud Heroes Lovy, AD
2009-> CH NKC Proud Heroes´ No Bull WP1 APA, WP3 UPF
2010-> Proud Heroes´ One of a Kind BH
2010-> Proud Heroes´ One of a Kind OB3
2010-> CH NKC Proud Heroes´ Project Keyzer Soze
2012-> Jr. CH NKC Proud Heroes´ The sweetest Thing UPF WP3
2012-> CH ABNA, NKC Proud Heroes´ The Beast in me
2013-> Jr. CH NKC Proud Heroes´ U dont have to go

We only have one or two litters each year and
and love to stay in close contact to our puppy buyers!

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