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LR-1773 (1024x627)

Snoopy is a daughter of CH Proud Heroes´ No Bull & Dual CH Proud Heroes´ Kashmir “König”.
She was born 12/12/12.

Linebreed towards the old Californian hybrid lines, she shows what this dogs are standing for. Heavy build, lots of muscleton, typical Hybrid look, high drive and high will to please.

Snoopy looks like a male, has excellent bones and a very nice hybrid-headtype. She is very agile, can easy jump
7 feed high, love the flirt pool and the weight pull.

Snoopy is very affected towards my son Tjalve and he started training Snoopy to be a service dog. So far she walks excellent on Tjalve´s wheelchair and right now she trains to bring him his cellphoene and remute controls. Really looking forward to see how many things he will teach her!

She is a little handler sensitive, what makes her an excellent dog for my son. She shows a very good social behaviour towards our other dogs, is never looking for trouble and loves visitor. But she also is a very decend watchdog when on the yard.

Health tests: HIP A (excellent), Elbows clear, Spondylosis clear, OCD (shoulders) clear, NCL clear, Icht. carrier

BEST STANDARD IN SHOW - ABNA 2014 Germnay (Theo Rombouts, NL)
BEST STANDARD IN SHOW - ABNA 2015 France (Brian Hosfeld, USA)
BEST STANDARD IN SHOW - ABNA 2015 France (Melina Hosfeld, USA)
BEST STANDARD IN SHOW - NKC 2015 France (John Bonello, CAN)



“There is no faith which has never yet been broken, except that of a truly faithful dog.”

Konrad Lorenz

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